Design Philosophy
Clevenger Frable LaVallee, Inc. designs dining facilities that enable our clients to achieve their desired financial results.

This success normally requires satisfying the facility’s patrons as well. After all, dining will remain a touchstone event in people’s lives. The quality of each dining experience is impacted by how we design facilities to achieve desired food and service quality levels, food temperature, presentation and timely delivery. The design must also reflect the many comfort factors that contribute to a safe, functional environment for your facility’s staff.

With these integrated goals in mind, we have shaped our Design Philosophy.

Financial Aspects
We evaluate facilities and systems alternatives from a capital budgeting viewpoint. Alternative solutions are cost justified, enabling the Owner to weigh both initial capital costs and recurring operational overhead.

Every dollar budgeted for foodservice equipment requires the expenditure of two dollars to house and support utility requirements for that equipment. For this reason, our projects are neither over-designed or over-equipped. We are committed to assisting our clients with the development of building and utility systems that minimize capital/operational costs.

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