Firm Overview
Clevenger Frable LaVallee, Inc. is an independent, professional organization providing systems and facilities consulting services to architects/engineers, planning professionals and project owners in the food service and laundry industries. Services are provided on regional, national and international levels. Over 1,500 project assignments have been completed since the founding of the firm in 1983.

The firm is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals with educational backgrounds in architecture, hospitality management, food systems management, engineering and dietetics. Unique in its organizational make-up, project teams consist of design and operational experts assuring a balanced perspective and a thorough consideration of all aspects of the project.

Creative, cost effective solutions are developed through the application of a thorough planning methodology that includes evaluation, program development, engineering and implementation phases. The range of services available are far more comprehensive and supportive than traditional limited scope equipment planning activities generally provided by food facilities consulting firms. Services can start at the concept development stage and continue through on-site start-up assistance and operational support, as required by the client to assure project goals.

The architect/engineer or planning professional can be assured of professional objectivity, efficient preparation of project "deliverables" and responsible follow through, resulting in successful project implementation. Past performance testifies to exceptional adherence to budgets and on-time preparation of project materials.

The owner can be assured of participating with experienced professionals knowledgeable in state of the art food systems, procedures, equipment and management techniques. Knowledge gained through the performance of numerous other assignments, combined with a thorough, professional approach will result in a facility that will perform to predetermined standards of quality, efficiency and economy.

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