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Armani, NYC

project data
Equipped Area: 1,400SF
FSE Cost: $750,000
Cost/SF: $535

situation analysis
  • Renovate existing office space to create a new full service kitchen and bar located on 3rd floor above high end retail stores.
  • The design of the kitchen and bar area was initially prepared in Italy as a 1400 sf a la carte restaurant kitchen with a European layout.
the challenge
  • Extremely low ceiling conditions and difficult existing column placement. 
  • Kitchen floor had to be raised 12" to accommodate drainage 
  • Duct work required long horizontal run to a Pollution Control Device for exhaust outside of building three floors above Fifth Avenue. 
  • Difficult delivery access. 
  • European designed kitchen and bar. 
  • Designing a kitchen to suit the visual image of the "Armani" name 
  • Fast track schedule. 
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