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project data
Equipped area: 6,250 SF
Food service equipment cost: $650,000
Cost/SF: $104
Peak luncheon demand: 700 Customers
situation analysis

In 2003, the scope of this project included the relocation of the cafeteria from the 35th floor to the 2nd floor. In the end, the project was not funded and the food service facilities continued to service the population from the 35th floor. The project re-started in 2006 as part of a major re-stack project to improve space utilization and lease space formerly occupied by MMC. In this project the 35th floor was to accommodate food services with a full service menu program and Conference Center. This project came in over budget and was subsequently downsized and re-designed in 2008 to satisfy budgetary limitations.

the challenge

The primary challenges were:

  1. Reconciling the program (size and menu) of the proposed facility to revised population estimates.
  2. Designing a consolidated kitchen facility to support a la carte dining on 44 and catering requirements throughout the building. Former facilities included an executive kitchen on 44 and remote catering kitchen on the 35th floor.
  3. Reducing the total area allocated to food service from 13,550 sf to 10, 365 sf. This represents a 25% space reduction while increasing functionality.
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