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911 Emergency Foodservice Design
911 Emergency Foodservice Design
The logo for this service includes a stop watch and a bag of money. That’s because “911 Emergency Foodservice Design” is about staying on schedule and obtaining value for every dollar spent on projects with food service equipment. We get calls for this service when Owner’s / Operators are stuck and can’t move forward without impacting schedule or when they aren’t comfortable proceeding on the current path. Some examples include:
  • The Owner realizes that they need competitive bids only after they have accepted complementary design services provided by the equipment sales person.

  • The architectural/ engineering team is ready to proceed with construction documents and they realize they haven’t yet selected a food service consultant. The food service design needs to be completed immediately.

  • The Owner isn’t comfortable with the design being proposed. They require a peer review to confirm that the design is suitable before proceeding.

  • The schedule doesn’t allow time for corrective action associated w/ the punch list. The construction phase needs to be managed in a way that limits/prevents the need for a punch list.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you stay on schedule and get the most value for your food service equipment dollar.

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